Rendez-vous les 17 et 18 août 2019

A l’occasion de l’anniversaire des 250 ans de Napoléon*, le Mémorial organise un événement sur la jeunesse de Napoléon et de Wellington. Cet événement plongera les visiteurs dans la vie civile et militaire de la fin du 18ème  siècle avec notamment des démonstrations de techniques comme le tannage du cuir, le tressage des paniers, des brodeuses et des démonstrations de manœuvres militaires.

To celebrate the 250th anniversary of Napoleon’s birth, the Memorial is organising an event based on the Emperor’s youth. This event will immerse visitors in the lives of civilians and soldiers at the end of the 18th century, with demonstrations of crafts such as leather tanning, basket weaving and embroidery as well as demonstrations of military manoeuvres.

* Napoleon I was born on 15 August 1769 in Ajaccio and died on 5 May 1821 on the island of Saint Helena.

Wellington and Napoleon were both born in 1769, around the time of the American Revolution, which was followed by the French Revolution. The development of the societies they lived in marked their adolescence and youth and influenced their social and military development; Waterloo was the epilogue to this process.

More information coming soon.