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Memorial 1815







The hougoumont farm


Authentic place of the battle of Waterloo

This fortified farm saw some bloody fighting. It was an advanced position which protected the allies' right flank together with the Haie-Sainte and Papelotte farms. Napoleon attacked it on 18 June towards 11:30 am. What was originally intended as a diversionary tactic became the most violent point of the fighting. The French launched all-out assaults on it but to no avail. There was ferocious fighting until 7 pm. The orchard and garden changed hands seven times while the buildings stayed in the hands of the 1500 coalition soldiers. The main building was burnt to the ground. The house still standing there today is the former gardener’s home. Victor Hugo devoted two chapters of his book, Les Misérables to this skirmish.

A brand-new scenography

The Hougoumont farm is now fully integrated to the combined ticket Memorial 1815 and displays a brand new scenography: 4 exhibition rooms as well as an impressive multimedia show!

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Opening times and access


01/04 TO 30/09

09.30 AM TO 6.30 PM
01/10 TO 31/03

09.30 AM TO 5.30 PM

The Hougoumont farm is open everyday, all year long.

Infos and bookings

02/385 38 55 


Project Hougoumont

Project Hougoumont is a charity dedicated to raising the funds needed to restore the buildings of this place of Memory. It also aims to stress out the extraordinary courage of the soldiers who fought there. Thanks to this massive support, the Hougoumont farm is now available to visitors. 



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