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Memorial 1815


A bit of history

1789-1815: events before the battle

The battle of Waterloo was the final flourish after a period of more than 20 years of wars involving the great European powers. Waterloo represented the moment when the ...

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The forces present and the artillery

Four large armies (French, British, Dutch and Prussian) with more or less efficient artillery clashed at Waterloo on 18 June 1815.

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The course of the Belgian campaign

and the battle

His return from the island of Elba on 1 March 1815 and the Hundred Days campaign saw Napoleon resume his offensive against the allied coalition. The Belgium campaign ...

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Waterloo the day after the battle

The battle of Waterloo marked a turning point in European History. Very quickly the location and name of Waterloo itself became myths.

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Waterloo, source of artistic inspiration

A true legend, the battle of Waterloo inspired a number of artists. Many painters depicted it, many writers described it, many producers immortalised it on film.

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Did you know?

Do you know why Lieutenant General Picton was forced to fight wearing civilian clothes and a top hat, or where the legend of the “word of Cambronne” comes from? ...

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Practical information

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